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Quotes A baker's dozen of Colleen's cupcakes went freaky fast on Valentines' day. Red Velvet with raspberry frosting was my roommate's favorite, and mine, was the buttercream frosting, is goes great on cherry vanilla cupcakes. Quotes
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Quotes When I think of cupcakes the first and only thing that comes to my mind is Colleen's Cakes. Her delicious treats are sure to be a hit at any event or even just to keep in the house, I could live off of her delightfully decorated cupcakes. Quotes
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Quotes Colleen's cupcakes are even better than the ones from a certain bakery that only makes cupcakes. They're always so moist and so good. And the frosting is beyond words. It's light in texture and always complements the cake. Quotes

Quotes Colleen's cupcakes are phenomenal! They're moist without being so moist that they fall apart. The frosting is sweet but not so sweet that you feel your teeth cringe when you eat it. The flavor combinations are wonderful and she's willing to try and work out other flavors. My family LOVED the ones I got for Thanksgiving and I'm about to order more for Christmas. :) Quotes
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Quotes We tried our first baked treat from Colleen, 'two-bite pies.' We definitely will be back to order more. Small in size, but large on taste. Quotes
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Quotes Colleen's cupcakes are always moist and melt-in-your-mouth good. The flavors of not only the cupcakes, but the frosting are spot on. Colleen makes an amazing Italian buttercream that has a smooth silky texture and it isn't too sweet. They are the best cupcakes I've ever eaten! Quotes
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Quotes Colleen makes the most tasty and inventive cupcake creations! Her honey lavender and key lime flavors are simply delicious! Quotes

Quotes My fam loves the cupcakes and pie... they're very yummie!! Anyone who hasn't tried Colleen's baking definitely needs to! :) Quotes
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Quotes I bought 6 dz cake truffles for my daughters birthday and they where a big hit! Great buy! Quotes
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