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Q: Do you deliver?

A: Yes, I can deliver for free to customers within a 10 mile radius and to customers outside of that area up to 30 miles for a small delivery fee


Q: I live or my venue is more than 30 miles, can you still deliver?

 A: Under certain circumstances, yes. if you have a situation like this, please contact me using the Contact Us page and explain as many details as possible. I'm more than happy to work with individual situations! 


Q: I have a food allergy, can you work with this?

A: Yes! I'm happy to try to accommodate those with food allergies. All ingredients are stored in separate containers and prepared in thoroughly cleaned areas and equipment. I'm more than happy to package prepared foods separately from those than contain allergens. 


Q: I'm vegan or have a dairy/egg allergy, do you make vegan versions of you cakes?

A: Yes!  When ordering, please specify any allergies, or preferences you have and I'm happy to work to accommodate you or will let you know if I cannot.


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  • "A baker's dozen of Colleen's cupcakes went freaky fast on Valentines' day. Red Velvet with raspberry frosting was my roommate's favorite, and mine, was the buttercream frosting,..."
    4th Floor Case Hall, MSU
  • "Colleen makes the most tasty and inventive cupcake creations! Her honey lavender and key lime flavors are simply delicious!"

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